Cryptocurrency Security

Blockchain cryptocurrency volatility is largely due to manipulation. Large foreign actors dump and buy cryptocurrency tokens in order to manipulate cryptocurrency prices. Blockchain used for nefarious purposes is also a challenge and impacts adoption because people are concerned with cryptocurrency safety. The Affective Neuron™ miner analyzes the blockchain in real-time to provide predictive analytics. 

The Affective Neuron™ hardware module contains billions of Affective Neurons connected and evolving through their quantum synapse interfaces. Affective Neuron™ quantum synapse interfaces work by quantum diffusion, which is different than standard diffusion described by Newtonian Mechanics. In standard diffusion a wave spreads (as in water) without stopping. If it hits an obstacle in its path, it merely continues around the obstacle. Conversely in quantum diffusion the wave ceases propagation and obstacles in the waves path only interact with the quantum wave in very specific ways.

Affective Neuron™ synaptic interfaces are based upon quantum diffusion. This results in Affective Neuron™ deep dynamic learning network formation (quantum deep networks) with evolving and complex understandings. When applied to cryptocurrency real-time security, Affective Neuron™ quantum deep networks adapt to evolving security threats in real-time. Resulting predictive analytics are used to protect the cryptocurrency blockchain from attack or nefarious use.